The flutes, description and sound



 Isabelle  BRUYERE  Mathilde LAINE
Laure DOSDA  



The flute, consists of 3 sections: the head the body and the foot. It measures about 67 centimeters, depending on whether the flute includes a key of B (to play low B). It has a range of about 3 octaves, from lower C (or B). Its sound can be clear, penetrating, large, sparkling, spicy, hot, cold, happy or sad ... The flute is often used as a solo instrument in orchestras, bands or wind ensembles.

The alto flute in G. It looks much like the flute, but is longer and produces a sound four notes lower.

The bass flute in C . It is also similar to the flute in concert, but it is even longer and its mouthpiece is curved so the musician can reach the keys. It produces a sound an octave below the flute.

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