You can visit our region (one of the most beautiful of France) with a few photos

(photo credits webmaster)


You can see here the location of our country


I hope that you will find great pleasure in looking at them and that they give you the desire to come here for your next vacation...

Chambery, the Airport, the Lake and behind, Mont Blanc
Aix les bains
Aix les Bains from the Revard mountain
Aéroport Chambéry   lac du bourget
Airport and the Belledonnes
Le Bourget. The Lake
chindrieux bord de lac   chanaz
The Lake from Chindrieux
Chanaz Harbour, canal of Saviere
Annecy   lac annecy
Annecy Lake
Autumn in our forests
granier   St pierre de chartreuse
The Granier
Winter in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse
village de ecot   lac-glacier
The highest hamlet of France: L'Ecot (2027 meters)
The lake close to the glacier of the "Etendard"
Mont Cenis   mont-blanc
Mont Cenis. The lake
Mont Blanc from Arc 1800
Mont-blanc   sauterelle
Mont Blanc
orchidee   fleur
an orchid
chorange   lever-soleil
Caves of Choranche
Sunrise from my balcony
coeur de la nature
  ... and to finish, the heart of nature...