The Harmony Orchestra, the musicians, the instruments ...

90 musicians distributed among the various instruments that traditionally compose an orchestra - Discover their sound and the name of the musicians by clicking on the names of the instruments

The Harmonie Orchestra la Motte-Servolex offers 3 gala concerts a year:    

  • The end of year concert (in December) takes place in the Halle Didier Parpillon at Motte-Servolex.
  • At the beginning of the year (January) the same concert is given at "La Traverse" at Le Bourget du Lac. A smaller room, more intimate ... for a Sunday afternoon captivating.
  • The spring concert in Halle D. Parpillon is traditionally an opportunity to host another instrumental ensemble.

The musical year is also punctuated with meetings you can not miss:

Sainte Cecile, celebrated in the church of Motte-Servolex; concerts kiosks, traveling concerts in the hamlets of the town, the Music Festival (anticipated date in the town of Motte Servolex) ... As much opportunity to come and listen to us.

The proposed repertoire is varied:

Transcriptions of classical works, music of films, original works for orchestras of harmony, with a requirement ... to offer quality concerts, surprising and delightful.

Two instruments a little "apart" ...

In our orchestra, there is a string bass! It's original for an harmony Orchestra! It's a matter of sound: in concert you will not necessarily hear it, but it brings a particular color to the bass and especially the tubas desk.

And a piano: which accompanies us with various sounds according to the pieces ... harp, piano ... it supports the melody and makes it vibrate.