The Euphoniums

euphonium union musicale la Motteeuphonium La Mottes Servolex


Thérèse BEGUIN  Michel BETEMPS
Marion CELISSE Jean Marie POITOU
Jean-Claude POLLET Bruno ROBERT


The euphonium is a conical-bore tenor-based brass instrument of English origin whose form resembles the saxhorn (small tuba), consisting of 4 valves. However, the euphonium has a bigger bore diameter which houses the mouthpiece and its sound is softer and rounder. The euphonium plays both treble clef (especially when scored with the trumpet) and bass clef (standard script). The range of this instrument is baritone and sometimes, by necessity, even lower. The euphonium is often confused with the baritone, which is also a form of saxhorn.

Prestation Steven Mead, music Marcello (1720)