Laurent CELISSElaurent

Born in 1965 in northern France, Laurent Célisse began taking saxophone lessons in the music school of his village. Showing promise, and desiring to perfect his talent, he entered the Conservatory of Valenciennes, finishing with a degree in saxophone as well as musical and analytical training. During his studies, he also had an early passion for symphonic bands, and played in several orchestras.

After accepting in 1985 to become assistant conductor of the Trith-Saint-Léger Fanfare (at that time the number one fanfare in France), he quickly understood the importance of the quality of the musical as well as humanistic impact of the orchestra director.

Arriving in Savoy in 1989 for a job as professor of saxophone and musical education in the territory of the Maurienne Valley, in 1990 he became the director of the Music School and the Symphonic Band "l'Avenir" of Saint-Michel de Maurienne.

In 1995 and 1996, spending two days a week in Lyons, he studied with enthusiasm the only existing national training for symphonic band directors, organized by the Music Confederation of France, the Minister of Culture and the Rhône-Alpes Region. This training was under the educational instruction of Philippe Dulat. Laurent took the symphonic band of Saint-Michel de Maurienne to 1st Division at the Competition of Genay in 1995 and to Superior Division at the Competition of Oyonnax in 1997.

Currently, since 2000, Laurent Célisse is the Technical Director of the Musical Federation of Savoy. He is also the permanent director of the Departmental Symphonic Band. He is often requested to work with bands throughout the French territory as well as serve as judge for national competitions of symphonic bands.
Along with these various functions, since 2003 he has accepted the artistic direction of the Union Musicale of La Motte-Servolex.